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4 different kinds of laws and their benefits

Even though law is something more subjective and there is a multitude of legal theories defining its nature, but generally, law is necessary to maintain social order. It is one of the oldest subjects that academics focused upon for its development and nourishment.

But where does the law comes from? It totally depends on the state where the law resides but majority of it flows from either common law or statutory law. Common law is the judge made law and concept of judicial precedent applies hereby where the lower courts are bound by their own previous decisions or decisions made by the higher courts. On the other hand, statutory law is the law that is codified in statutes by the Parliament which is binding upon all the individuals and institutions in a particular state.

Law is one of the most diverse subjects one could ever come across with innumerable sub-categories. Here are the 4 different kinds of laws and how they prove to be beneficial in this day and age.

Criminal law

This is one of the legal and political instruments utilized by the state to maintain social order. Criminal law lay down provisions relating to offences such as murder, manslaughter, theft, fraud, rape etc. It even further lays down sentencing guidelines and how the convict is to be tried under the law.

Criminal law is essential for any nation since it acts as a coercive authority on individuals governing their behavior and thrives to create a legal and social order.

Corporate law

With an increase in commercialization and consumerism, it has become essentially important for parliament and courts to come up with laws that complies with the current commercial standards. Most states have responded to it well and formulated statues like Companies Act 2006 that addresses the issues of corporate organizations. Essentially, corporate law acts as an assistance to businesses and individuals to maintain their operations. It even governs the legality of products manufactured and how the transactions are carried out.

Tort law

Tort, in essence, means a civil wrong. It governs the area were no crime is committed but something wrong is done to the claimant. Areas such as trespass to property, negligence, nuisance, false imprisonment and defamation comes under this category. Since each and every social wrong cannot be classified as a criminal act, tort law is imperative to make individuals responsible for their undertakings.

International law

International law is different from the aforementioned laws. It is more concerned about rules that flows from treaties, customs and conventions. It is well recognized and embraced by different nations so that they can trade in peace and harmony and build good relations with each other. International lawyers are well-equipped mentally and physically to deal with disputes on an international level.

The bottom line

Here was just a brief overview of 4 different kinds of laws. It must be noted that it is a complex and complicated field which entails a lot of internal rules and principles.