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Why You Should Be Writing More Love Letters

Love is expressed in many ways. Love can be in something as simple as a hand over another hand on a table during a date or an embrace between partners. Love can be a little note, a silly text, or a phone call in the middle of the night. One of the seemingly long lost forms of expressing love is with love letters. Back when technology wasn’t as wide spread or even existent, love letters were basically the only way to tell someone you loved them if you were any distance apart. It might be outdated in your mind but writing love letters is a dead art that should be brought back into the limelight. It Gives Your Love a Physical Form One of the biggest draws of love letters is that you have a physical manifestation of all your feelings. It’s not something that can just disappear in the air like words or deleted from an inbox like a text message or email. Sure, paper can be destroyed and pencil graphite fades quickly, but a love letter can be held and looked at and the pages can be thumbed through over and over again just by reaching into a…

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Make Foreplay Exciting Again

Foreplay is something that most couples can’t get enough of in the beginning, but as time goes on it gets forgotten or laid by the wayside in order to get to the grand finale. Whether it’s because sex doesn’t come around as often as it used to or because you don’t feel like you have the time, foreplay needs to become a thing again. Contrary to popular belief, foreplay isn’t just putting your hands down someone’s pants or kissing them in naughty places. There’s a whole world of pre-gaming your sexy time that’s just waiting for you to unlock it. The best way to figure out what you and your partner might like is by getting adventurous and studying up. Try some new things like: Body Chocolate Body chocolate is simply chocolate sauce that’s meant to go on your lover’s body. It doesn’t quite melt as fast, and is often found in pens that accompany other flavors like strawberry or whipped cream. These handy little pens can be used to write naughty messages or to draw out instructions as to what you want your partner to do. Although the idea is to get creative, it can end up leading to…

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