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How to Haggle with Your Landlord When Your Lease Renews

When you’re renewing your lease as a renter, don’t just assume you need to keep paying the same price. If you’re a good tenant, your landlord most likely wants to keep you around. You can haggle within reason for lower rent if it’s the right time to do so. There are a number of factors to consider to make sure you have ground to stand on, but if all the elements align, don’t miss the opportunity to do so. Here are three tips for how to haggle with your landlord to reduce your rent payment. Compare Other Real Estate Trends The first step is deciding whether it’s time to haggle over your rent is to review other real estate trends. If the housing market in your community is in a downward spiral, that’s the perfect time to haggle over how much you’re paying per month. When there are other properties up for grabs at better prices, this gives your landlord serious incentive to negotiate. Look up some home listings online and show them to your landlord to back up your case. When dealing with your landlord, always be polite and courteous, but be firm about the fact that you’re aware…

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