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Packing Good Food For A Long Trip

Whether with family or friends, road trips can be a lot of fun. But they can have their fair share of stress, too. After cramming your suitcases into your car, fitting your kids into their seats and playing a game of car tetris to arrange everything so you can still see out of the back, you’re finally ready to go. And the last thing you want to think about is spending tons of money on food while you’re on the road, or stress out over unfolding everyone from the car only to have to pack them back in again and deal with fights about who gets to sit where. Thankfully there are plenty of great foods you can pack and keep safely in your car to minimize both stress and spending. Breakfast If you subscribe to the Sunday paper, you’ve probably gotten sample boxes of cereal. They’re great to save for road trips. Did you know the box can be used as a bowl? Cut the side of the box, open the plastic bag and pour the cereal directly inside the box. Then add milk, and you have a great on the go breakfast. Breads are also a great option,…

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Why You Should Buy Your Meat Whole

When you’re cooking at home, chances are once the food gets through your door you don’t think about the cost anymore. At the store, you groan and whine over how expensive it is to get some meat. Yes, it’s important, but does it have to cost so much? Let me let you in on a secret: a large part of the cost is convenience. The butcher takes the time and skill to cut it all up and then you buy the pieces. The unfortunate thing is that it really isn’t all that hard to cut up a whole carcass, so you should be buying it whole anyway. If you’re a little shy, that’s alright, but get yourself a big knife because: It’s Cheaper You’re not paying anyone to cut it, you’re doing all of that. With a chicken it’s the easiest, so you may want to start there. There are plenty of guides online, but pretty much you just sever the bones at the joint area and call it a day. When you do this yourself you’re saving a pretty good amount of money. The whole chicken would cost about $0.88 per pound, whereas boneless skinless chicken breasts in a…

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