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How to Tell if the Art Program You Are Using is No Good

With the rise of digital art and digital media in general, art based programs have become a really important part of any budding artists possessions. There are plenty of different art programs to choose from, some of them extremely expensive and only available to the people who have the money to spend on something like that, and some of them completely free and not always in the best of conditions. Those are the kinds that you can never be quite sure if you are dealing with a dud program or you yourself are just having a hard time understanding what you should be doing with it. That is why we have compiled some tips to help you figure out if the art program you are using is no good. Lacking Layers The most important thing that any art program needs is the ability to work with layers. The majority of programs have this option and it is the greatest tool that any digital artist can use. That is why, if you find yourself using a program that does not have the ability to let you work with layers, you should definitely drop that program and find a different one to…

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