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Quick Anxiety Relievers You Can Take with You Anywhere

If you have anxiety then you know that an attack can strike you anywhere. They can occur in the car, at school, or while you’re shopping for groceries. Anxiety attacks are ruthless and inconvenient; they don’t care if you’re in the middle of the project or a freeway. The goal, as someone with anxiety, is to be able to either work through the excruciating and debilitating moments or to be able to have quick fixes and soothers so you can make it through the day safely and calmly. Try these simple solutions that you can keep in a purse, pocket, or wallet and see if they work for you. Bags of Spices and Herbs Herbs and spices can be used in aromatherapy sessions and can illicit soothing sensations both spiritually and mentally. While they don’t work for everyone, using a handful of sage to keep in a bag in your car or purse can be a great and quick way to calm down. Simply take out the plastic bag or cloth pouch, inhale the spices deeply, and try to count backwards from 50. Using the scent to calm your mind and the counting to retain focus can quell an anxiety…

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