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Games That Will Suck In Any Fantasy Fan

Fantasy is at the heart of gaming. Though recent years have seen an overtaking in shooters, many foundational games arm players with the sword and spell. For a fan of high fantasy looking to get into gaming, however, picking a game can be rather daunting. With such a wide library, what’s actually worth checking out? Here are a couple of fantastic fantasy games for any fan. Telltale’s Game of Thrones game for PC The fantasy series has made its way into the realm of games. Telltale is known for acclaimed adventure games such as their series based on The Walking dead, making this game highly anticipated. Though George RR Martin, author of the books the show and game are based on, is not writing this personally, it is being approved to make sure the characters, events, and lore can all be considered canon for the series. You take on the role of a member of House Forrester, a noble family that supports the Starks, as well as the intake of valuable Ironwood into the markets. As the war begins to sweep their small house up, you must navigate the shaky political landscape to keep your small house from meeting its…

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How to Tell if the Art Program You Are Using is No Good

With the rise of digital art and digital media in general, art based programs have become a really important part of any budding artists possessions. There are plenty of different art programs to choose from, some of them extremely expensive and only available to the people who have the money to spend on something like that, and some of them completely free and not always in the best of conditions. Those are the kinds that you can never be quite sure if you are dealing with a dud program or you yourself are just having a hard time understanding what you should be doing with it. That is why we have compiled some tips to help you figure out if the art program you are using is no good. Lacking Layers The most important thing that any art program needs is the ability to work with layers. The majority of programs have this option and it is the greatest tool that any digital artist can use. That is why, if you find yourself using a program that does not have the ability to let you work with layers, you should definitely drop that program and find a different one to…

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The Rise of Indie Games

We have all heard of the big AAA titles for video games. From Call of Duty, Halo, and Assassins Creed, these games are always some of the top sellers for developers for every iteration that comes out. What about the smaller games? Ever hear of Minecraft, Super Meat Boy, or Papers, Please? If you play video games, it’s certain that you have, and they were some of the biggest games of that year (Minecraft is still one of the best-selling games out). The developers of those games don’t have millions of dollars or a small army to help create their dreams. They have a few people, some frozen pizzas, and an ambition to create something special, and as technology has been improving, the rise of indie games is something that can’t be ignored. What Is an Indie Game? Just like independent movies, there are small groups of people that make games without the financial support of a publisher. Indie games have been around for quite some time on the PC, but only have recently seen a huge rise in popularity on consoles. The way that they were able to become popular was due to the rise of digital distribution via…

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Why Tumblr Steals Your Whole Day

There are a multitude of social media websites on the Internet today that are sure to keep us entertained for hours on end. Facebook has a variety of games for us to play, Instagram has tons of pictures and video for us to browse through, and Twitter has a multitude of tweets that we can read through to be entertained. However, there is one social media website that can keep people hooked for hours on end and then some, and that website is Tumblr. Tumblr provides users with millions of blogs to look through every day each providing new and entertaining content whenever the owner of the blog is online. The content of these blogs can be original text, pictures, videos, or chats that the owner has posted, or their blog can contain posts that they have reblogged to their own blog because they enjoyed it so much. With millions of blogs doing this there is no way for someone to run out of content to enjoy while they spend their time surfing through the vast sea of posts. With an easy to use interface and wide variety of content Tumblr is bound to steal more than just a few…

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