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How to Haggle with Your Landlord When Your Lease Renews

When you’re renewing your lease as a renter, don’t just assume you need to keep paying the same price. If you’re a good tenant, your landlord most likely wants to keep you around. You can haggle within reason for lower rent if it’s the right time to do so. There are a number of factors to consider to make sure you have ground to stand on, but if all the elements align, don’t miss the opportunity to do so. Here are three tips for how to haggle with your landlord to reduce your rent payment. Compare Other Real Estate Trends The first step is deciding whether it’s time to haggle over your rent is to review other real estate trends. If the housing market in your community is in a downward spiral, that’s the perfect time to haggle over how much you’re paying per month. When there are other properties up for grabs at better prices, this gives your landlord serious incentive to negotiate. Look up some home listings online and show them to your landlord to back up your case. When dealing with your landlord, always be polite and courteous, but be firm about the fact that you’re aware…

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Why You Should Buy Your Meat Whole

When you’re cooking at home, chances are once the food gets through your door you don’t think about the cost anymore. At the store, you groan and whine over how expensive it is to get some meat. Yes, it’s important, but does it have to cost so much? Let me let you in on a secret: a large part of the cost is convenience. The butcher takes the time and skill to cut it all up and then you buy the pieces. The unfortunate thing is that it really isn’t all that hard to cut up a whole carcass, so you should be buying it whole anyway. If you’re a little shy, that’s alright, but get yourself a big knife because: It’s Cheaper You’re not paying anyone to cut it, you’re doing all of that. With a chicken it’s the easiest, so you may want to start there. There are plenty of guides online, but pretty much you just sever the bones at the joint area and call it a day. When you do this yourself you’re saving a pretty good amount of money. The whole chicken would cost about $0.88 per pound, whereas boneless skinless chicken breasts in a…

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Quitting Your Job Without Destroying Your Life

Sometimes, the jobs we have are ones that we just hate, or maybe it’s just that we don’t really like them, and that turns into hate after doing the same thing that we don’t really like day in and day out. Some people have jobs that they love, and there is no reason that you should let your current job hold you back from something that you really need and want to do. However when you end up quitting your job, try not to leave in a big dramatic huff, as while that might be cathartic in the long run, you will eventually end up exhausted with nowhere to go and no one to ask for a reference to get a new job. In order to make such a drastic change without ruining your life, careful planning is in order, and is probably the most important part of you quitting process. You want to build on your experiences, not have to tear the old ones down and build the new ones from scratch. Have Another Job Lined Up Make sure that before you quit your old job you have your new one in the back, hired, locked and loaded. This…

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