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Games That Will Suck In Any Fantasy Fan

Fantasy is at the heart of gaming. Though recent years have seen an overtaking in shooters, many foundational games arm players with the sword and spell. For a fan of high fantasy looking to get into gaming, however, picking a game can be rather daunting. With such a wide library, what’s actually worth checking out? Here are a couple of fantastic fantasy games for any fan.

Telltale’s Game of Thrones game for PC

The fantasy series has made its way into the realm of games. Telltale is known for acclaimed adventure games such as their series based on The Walking dead, making this game highly anticipated. Though George RR Martin, author of the books the show and game are based on, is not writing this personally, it is being approved to make sure the characters, events, and lore can all be considered canon for the series.

You take on the role of a member of House Forrester, a noble family that supports the Starks, as well as the intake of valuable Ironwood into the markets. As the war begins to sweep their small house up, you must navigate the shaky political landscape to keep your small house from meeting its doom.

The game is released in episode, with only the first one currently out. One will be released every 4-6 weeks.

Dragon Age series for PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4

Spanning five games and three years, the Dragon Age recently completed with Dragon Age: Inquisition. In each game, you take on the role of a new hero.

 Dragon Age Can Be Highly Addictive
Dragon Age Can Be Highly Addictive
In Dragon Age: Origins (the first game, despite the title sounding like a prequel), you are able to pick from six heroes, each with a unique prologue. Whoever you choose, you’re recruited into the Grey Wardens, a group of warriors, rouges, and mages who rise up to defeat the fearsome Archdemon. The order quickly falls into disgrace, however, blamed for the untimely death of the king when he is betrayed by his adviser. You must travel the land, uniting factions to amass an army and restore the good name of the wardens.

Dragon Age II puts you in the human Hawke family, fleeing a town under attack. You travel to Kirkwall, where you encounter high tension between the imprisoned mages and the tempars that control them. Through it all, you assemble a goofy crew and become Champion of the city. Peace, however, is hard to come by in Kirkwall. This game is more focused in the party, but doesn’t allow for the grand heroics of its predecessor.

Dragon Age: Inquisition wraps up the series by making you the lone survivor of a strange explosion. Like Origins, players can choose from several races, with differing backstories and connections. The mysterious events around your survivor push you into being the leader of the Inquisition, which must again defend the land.

Tales of Vesperia for Xbox 360

Tales of Vesperia Is Both Fun & Engaging
Tales of Vesperia Is Both Fun & Engaging
With a cult fandom, the Tales series needs more love. A series of RPGs from Japan, almost every entry takes place in a different universe, though themes and naming conventions are shared across it. Tales of Vesperia is a good entry point, with carefully refined mechanics and a main character that scored so well in popularity poles that he had to be put in an exclusive “hall of fame” to give anyone else a chance at winning.

Yuri Lowell, ex-knight, is a resident of the lower quarter. When the local fountain goes haywire, what should be a simple plumbing job leads to an arrest, an undercover princess, and a quest to find a childhood friend. Along the way he must deal with questions of justice, what it means to change the world, and what it means to protect someone.

Final Fantasy IX for PS1

Final Fantasy IX... This Is Not The End Of The Story
Final Fantasy IX… This Is Not The End Of The Story
A series with a long history and misleading name, Final Fantasy has gone through many changes over the years. The aesthetic has varied wildly from the high fantasy of the early games, to the gritty cyberpunk environment of FFVII, to the time distorted land of XIII-2 (the numbering does get a bit weird).

For classic fantasy fan, however, Final Fantasy IX is the game to check out. You step into the role of Zidane, the goofy member of a theater troupe who just so happens to have a long tail. Tasked to kidnap a princess, he instead finds her to be a willing victim, eager to escape her evil regent mother. From there, they are pursued by the queen’s forces, and the ensuing journey delves into the character’s choices and history to create a moving story of life, death, and survival.

Radiata Stories for PS2

A lesser-known gem, Radiata Stories put you in the shoes of Jack Russel, newbie knight. When what should be a simple job goes incredibly awry, he is expelled, and must find a new place for himself in the world. War is brewing between the human kingdom and the many non-humans that lurk just outside it, and it is up to you to determine the outcome. By joining either side, you can explore two different paths for history to take, and have the chance to recruit almost two hundred party members by exploring each side.