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Are You Ready to Move in Together?

Moving in together is obviously a huge step. Seriously, it’s bigger than marriage. At least with marriage you can get a divorce eventually and split things down the middle. When you move in together you’re melding your lives together into one space without any obligation to do so. All of your stuff will be squished together, you’ll buy new stuff, and if ever you split up you’ll have to divi it all up. It’s not fun, so make sure that if you’re going to move in together that you’re really serious about it. Take into consideration a few things before you propose the idea and then compare and contrast what you both think.

You’re Ready to Get Married

Ready To Take The Next Step? Move In Together
Ready To Take The Next Step? Move In Together
Well if you’re ready to get married then the chances are that you’re probably ready to live together. You’d be surprised at how often couples get married before actually moving into the same place. If you feel that you’re ready for that type of commitment, then you should really consider occupying the same space at the same time. Many couples skip this very vital step, but really it’s a way to make sure that you’re actually compatible. This test can reconfirm that they’re the one for you or make you realize that maybe marriage isn’t such a good idea.

You’re Having a Kid

The Family Is Getting Bigger...
The Family Is Getting Bigger…
Having a baby together is a huge decision, and whether it happens on purpose or not you should probably move in together. You’re going to have to be there for the child if you’re a guy and if you’re the lady you really need some sort of support. It’s best to figure all of this out together, and living in the same space makes that a lot easier. From now on, you should really set aside any difference that you have and put the child first. Unless you can’t stand each other and have a rocky relationship, then maybe a long-distance thing would work out better. But if you can, having both parents present in the child’s life, whether they’re dating or married or whatever, is very beneficial to it.

You Can Do the Chores Required

On a much, much lighter note, if you’re spending time together and you find out that your partner hates something that you don’t mind, this could work. Maybe you’re okay with doing the dishes that they hate and they can dust so that your allergies don’t flare up. Whatever trade-off it is, knowing what you both like and dislike can help you make future living arrangements way more bearable. This comes in handy with any roommate situation, but if you’re considering living together as a couple it’s even better.

You’re Travelling Way Too Far

If one of you is spending a few days in a row at the other’s house just because the commute is too long to do every day then it might be time to bring up living together. If they live closer to the middle of the city or if you have a bigger place then pick which one is more important to the both of you and move to that house. Sometimes it won’t work out so well, if that’s the case then start looking around and seeing if you can find a place that you both like and satisfies everyone’s needs.

You’re Already Living Together…Sort Of

When you start to stay over multiple nights at each other’s houses and already have your own drawer, then what else is really stopping you? You’re both bringing home groceries, you’re both having friends over to that space, and you both poop there. Basically, you’re sharing a house. These are all things that one would do in a place that they call home. It’s true, ask anyone if they like public restrooms or toilets that aren’t there’s and a resounding “no” will come your way. This also all adds up to one thing: you care about each other. You care enough to split bills and make sure that each other eats healthily enough. That’s a lot of sweet gestures, and they definitely show that you’re ready to take things to the next level by moving in together.