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Why You Should Buy Your Meat Whole

When you’re cooking at home, chances are once the food gets through your door you don’t think about the cost anymore. At the store, you groan and whine over how expensive it is to get some meat. Yes, it’s important, but does it have to cost so much? Let me let you in on a secret: a large part of the cost is convenience. The butcher takes the time and skill to cut it all up and then you buy the pieces. The unfortunate thing is that it really isn’t all that hard to cut up a whole carcass, so you should be buying it whole anyway. If you’re a little shy, that’s alright, but get yourself a big knife because:

It’s Cheaper

Buy Your Meat Whole And Learn To Cut It Yourself
Buy Your Meat Whole And Learn To Cut It Yourself
You’re not paying anyone to cut it, you’re doing all of that. With a chicken it’s the easiest, so you may want to start there. There are plenty of guides online, but pretty much you just sever the bones at the joint area and call it a day. When you do this yourself you’re saving a pretty good amount of money. The whole chicken would cost about $0.88 per pound, whereas boneless skinless chicken breasts in a four pack can cost just as much. Some argue that buying any meat whole is a waste because you’re paying for parts that you don’t use. The thing is that you can use them, most people just don’t. The chicken itself is one meal, the leftover bits that are clinging onto the carcass are the perfect solution to any chicken dish. Pizza, ravioli, and any other dish that has chicken flavor will benefit from these tiny morsels. You just have to work to get them off. Then you can boil the carcass for stock. The insides can be added to give it more flavor, too.

You’ll Always Have It

When you buy all that meat, whether it’s chicken or otherwise, you may not use all of the parts at once, but having so much of it leftover means that you can freeze it and use it later. This is really good in stews, in crockpots, and thawed out to be used in other dishes. Having this emergency meat around means that you won’t have to go out to the store and buy more food. That’s a waste of money and time, just use what you have on hand.

You Can Help Your Local Businesses

Save Money And Help The Local Market
Save Money And Help The Local Market
Most of the time when it comes to buying things like beef and pig you’ll notice that you aren’t going to get it from big box stores. Buying this way takes you toward local butchers and future farmers of America. You’ll end up spending a pretty penny overall, but per pound the cost is lower and you’ll be supporting a good cause.

It can be hard shelling out the amount of money up front, but if you break it down you’re going to be spending way less than you would over time at the store and once you get it home, you’ll forget all about the price.