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Quitting Your Job Without Destroying Your Life

Sometimes, the jobs we have are ones that we just hate, or maybe it’s just that we don’t really like them, and that turns into hate after doing the same thing that we don’t really like day in and day out. Some people have jobs that they love, and there is no reason that you should let your current job hold you back from something that you really need and want to do. However when you end up quitting your job, try not to leave in a big dramatic huff, as while that might be cathartic in the long run, you will eventually end up exhausted with nowhere to go and no one to ask for a reference to get a new job. In order to make such a drastic change without ruining your life, careful planning is in order, and is probably the most important part of you quitting process. You want to build on your experiences, not have to tear the old ones down and build the new ones from scratch.

Have Another Job Lined Up

Make sure that before you quit your old job you have your new one in the back, hired, locked and loaded. This will afford you the security that comes with having a job just as you quit your old annoying job and move on with your life. Quitting a job while having no backup plan should be saved for really desperate times and desperate measures, because it leaves you in a vulnerable and unstable position, which is not where you want to be when, head held high and with great satisfaction, you can leave your job.

Be Polite

If You Are Not Happy With Your Job... Quitt!
If You Are Not Happy With Your Job… Quitt!
Going out in a blaze of glory is probably what most people dream of when they think of their quitting game plan. Once again, giving your old boss a giant ‘eff you’ as you storm out of the office with middle fingers raised to the sky is not going to give your boss any fond memories of you, which is not good strategy for getting a recommendation letter or establishing a good after work relationship with your boss. You never know which direction opportunity might strike from, and it might just be one of your old jobs that remembers your hard work and the grace with which you quit your old job.

Be Gracious

Quitting Your Job And Moving Forward
Quitting Your Job And Moving Forward
Always thank your boss for the chance you had to work for them, and make it clear that it was a pleasure, even if it wasn’t. The point is that gratitude looks good on everyone, and there are plenty of reasons why you want your superior to know that you like them and liked working for them, and the biggest of these reasons is ego stroking. If you know where to come from, the ego will be appropriately sated and you can leave them with a sense of wishing for you back.

Give Valid Reasons

Saying that you hated the job isn’t really a valid reason to a boss, even if it is a valid reason for you. Use words like ‘I want to take a different path with my life.’ And ‘I want to explore my options’ are both understandable and no offensive reasons to quit a job. Once again, this smooth talking leaves your boss and coworkers with fond memories of you, and those memories will blot out the bad and take us straight to the new.

Leave Open Ended

Make Sure To Leave The Door Open In Case You Want to Come Back
Make Sure To Leave The Door Open In Case You Want to Come Back
Make it clear that you are willing to come back at some point, just in case you find a solid opportunity in coming back to the job that you once left. Make sure that you leave it like the end of a story book, looking up into the optimism and insinuating that anything is possible. Then the next step for you is to go and do really well at your other job, well enough that the people at your old job miss your work ethic and style. Who know, down the road they may even offer you a job in a better position with better pay, and when that happens, there is no point of being stubborn. Here are some tips for how to quit your job right.

Keep in Touch

Always keep in touch with old coworker friends over Facebook and Twitter. It’s good to have connections no matter where you come from, and it is also good to have friends. Be friends with your boss, and you’ll always have a rec letter and a job to fall back on.